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Puppies, lambs, calves - oh my!

This time of year is especially tumultuous for an animal husbandry outfit like us... (We've spent some time holding baby lambs in our arms in front of the stove, and in years past, kept a calf in the bathtub.)

Putting up fences and herding cattle with Cory

What's an average day-in-the-life for Cory Bierman, the other half of the Twisted Oaks Meats family team? One day last December I followed him around to find out. "Mostly I'm fixing things," he says. "But today I am putting up temporary fencing and moving the herd to fresh pasture."

We saved the testicles for Teresa

When we told our customers that I was going to do a photoshoot of Castration Day, Teresa asked if we'd save them for her. "Of course, you can have them!" we said. But please, tell us how and why you've come to appreciate this special, special part of the animal. And so she did. Here is her fascinating and elegant response in full.

Talk about turkeys!

I would like the opportunity to introduce myself to those whom I haven't met yet. And since we're in our busiest season, I thought I'd just make a short clip with a BIG announcement!!