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Salad-bar beef v. grain-fed - You can SEE THE DIFFERENCE!

written by

Hope Bank

posted on

December 9, 2020

That's the difference between salad-bar and grain-fed beef!

Well, that's just for starters. There's so much more...

Side by side, you can see a real difference.

Twisted Oaks SALAD-BAR BEEF is on the right, dark and rich looking with all its natural vitamins and minerals.

The pale pink slimy stuff on the left is industrial grain-fed beef from a grocery store in Iowa City.

*has no antibiotic residue in the meat
*has lots of the GOOD fats that help you LOSE WEIGHT
*has about 100 less calories per 6 oz steak
*has TRIPLE the amount of vitamins and minerals*it's good for the environment

Normally ground beef will turn brown and start to smell within 5 days.
But grocery stores want to be able to keep it on the shelves for at least 10.

So they have to do all kinds of gross things to that meat to keep it looking pink and fresh:
* inject it with carbon monoxide
* irradiate it (basically this means microwave it)
* and spray it with ammonia.

This is after it’s been bleached to try and get all the fecal matter off of it.

Folks, every time you eat, you vote.

You vote for local family farms raising animals grazing happily on a salad bar.

Or you vote to give more money to the shareholders of public companies,
whose only goal is to make more money;
who don't care a whit about your health and maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of our environment.

Join us in being part of the solution. 

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