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What's up with the ingredients in our processed products

January 3, 2021

Ninety-nine percent of what's in our processed products (sausage, bratwurst, bacon, ham, beef sticks, etc) is our perfect, clean, pastured meat. 

Sadly, we cannot control that last 1% if we want to offer these processed products - and a lot of people want them.

 Although we have asked the meatpacker to leave out certain ingredients - or use less of them - when making our processed products, since they are supposed to follow their USDA-approved recipe, there is no way for us to legally assure you of that without crossing a line that endangers our meat packer's license. 

 We are obsessed with good ingredients and knowing exactly what's in our food.  

 So the labels on some of our processed foods just make us whither inside.  

 The ingredient list for the bratwurst looks exactly like this...

"pork water ,corn syrup solids,salt ,spices,lanosdiumglutamate".

 How embarrassing is that! Even the grammar is funky town, with no comma between pork and water!  

 And the spices are not defined. 

 But there's nothing we can do about it until we pay $5000 per product to bring an inspector back in to approve a new recipe and reprint a label.


 Of course, there's nothing but OUR MEAT in most of our products: ground pork, ground beef, roasts, steaks, chops, chicken, etc. 

 So stick with those if you are a complete purist. 

 I'm very sensitive to nitrates and preservatives and I've had no reaction to any of Jamie's processed products and I've tried them all. So maybe there‚Äôs very very little of that in there if any.  


Thank you for your understanding.

Hope Bank

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