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365-day a year grazing? Not quite - but close!

March 1, 2020

One accomplishment for which our family is extremely proud this winter is that we didn't have to feed our cows hay as a substitute ration until 2 weeks ago! 

That's a HUGE step for us in accomplishing a 100% regenerative ranch.  

Sustainability is key, and letting the cows graze stockpiled grass while depositing fertilizer and microbes all winter reduced machine and fossil fuel dependence by about 75% compared to last winter.  I wouldn't have believed it possible 10 years ago, but here we are.  

Thank you for your support and motivation along the way!


About the pic.  That's actually from 2018. 

In the midst of a blizzard, here's some beauty: yes, those are cows grazing through the snow on grass stockpiled for winter. 

We won't avoid feeding bales completely, but every "bale" that the cows harvest on their own is considered a measure of success in my book! 

Btw- these cows are more comfortable now than when it's 80 degrees....lots of hair and fat insulate their very warm bodies

Jamie Reichart

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